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:mastodon: we've upgraded our instance to the latest v3.2.1 :blobdab:

:mastodon: Apologies for the downtime, it was due to limited storage space.

Is overworking common all over the world?

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“I’m just joking” - a very irresponsible phrase

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Since when weekend is also weekdays? 😔

Being taken for granted by a colleague on a task and two days later he shamelessly shared the credit. It’s no one’s fault but myself.

:mastodon: Sorry for the SSL certificate hiccup, I forgot to renew the SSL. 😅

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#UK will have #Europe's worst #coronavirus #DeathToll, study predicts | World news | The Guardian

This looks bad and partly down to delay caused by opting for the wrong strategy - #HerdImmunity.


Please stay safe everyone. I myself living in a red zone in . Let’s all stay inside and stay safe 🤝

Many people are way too selfish

:mastodon: Sorry for the downtime, I’ve bumped up our server resources! 😉

Fire safety awareness training 

After the fire safety awareness training yesterday, I do agree that Malaysians aren't aware enough about what a fire (or even a spark) can cause.

It's saddening and terrifying to see the footages where people had to jump off their apartment buildings (and died) because they could no longer stand the heat while waiting for firefighters to come.

Please install smoke detectors and equip fire extinguisher in your house.

Finally get to rest one full day!

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